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Territorial Enterprise, May 17, 1864

Grand Austin Sanitary Flour-Sack Progress Through Storey and Lyon Counties! The Sack Sold in Gold Hill for $6,750 - Sold in Silver City for $1,520 - Sold in Dayton for $1,876 - Sold in Virginia for $13,000!

At the Sanitary meeting on Sunday afternoon, it was suggested that the Sanitary sack of flour be taken to Gold Hill and sold at auction, and after the close of the meeting it was resolved to act upon the suggestion. Accordingly at 11 o'clock yesterday morning, the flour sack, escorted by the Metropolitan Brass Band, a carriage full of reporters, and by sundry citizens on foot and otherwise, was conveyed to Gold Hill and halted in front of Maynard's Bank.

Thomas Fitch was called for and made a short and stirring speech, after which Marshal Sam Arnold took the stand as auctioneer and business began, the auctioneer running the sack up to $275, and knocking it down to himself at that figure. The Belcher Company bid $500, and also the Yellow Jacket, through John B. Winters, President of the Company. The greatest enthusiasm reigned throughout and the heavy bids were received with tremendous cheering by the crowd. Citizens of Gold Hill gave $240 at the meeting at the Opera House in Virginia on Sunday afternoon, and this, added to what was subscribed in the town yesterday, makes Gold Hill's bid for the sack $6,062! Austin paid $3,300 for it, and it was proposed to "see that bet" in Gold Hill, but the most sanguine did not expect to see it doubled. The announcement that Gold Hill had purchased the property by a heavy margin was greeted with enthusiastic cheering.

The sack was put up at auction and donated back to the St. Louis Fair by the following persons: Samuel Arnold, $300; J. W. Flood, $250; Eureka Mill Company, $200; Anthony Fox, $100; Samuel Hyatt, $100; Judge Robinson, $100; Bank Exchange, $50; Challenge Mining Company, $50.

[Voice - "We're beating Virginia all to pieces." Another Voice - "Good! We always do do it!"]

Douglass Mill, $200; Charles H. Van Goruer, $100; H. C. Blanchard, $100; Consolidation Mining Company, $100; C. H. Beckwith, $50; George J. Burnett, $50; Wm. Britton, one foot Mary Ann stock - D. K. Korn bought it at $75.

Yellow Jacket, $500; A. O. Sanborn, $100; Chas. Olney, $100; New Oregon Mining Company, $100; Succor Mill Company, $100; Wright's Gilt Entertainment, $100; Sacramento Mill, $100; Employees Yellow Jacket, $100; Trustees for Town of Gold Hill, $100; Barney Levison, $50; Gold Hill News, $50; Geo. Aylesworh, $50; J. Bolburn, $50; Ed. Norton, $50; Bittner & Skerritt, $50; Jewett & Sheppard Company, $30; Pride of America Company, $50; C. H. Beckwith, $50; Korn Brothers, $50; J. W. Carrick, $50; Employees Consolidated Company, No. 1, $50; Gold Hill Hook & Ladder Company, $50; Prall & Brown, $50; Employees Consolidated Company, (second bid,) $50; Robert Carson, $50; five Gold Hill Policemen $50; J. Gashwiller, $75; S. B. Ware, $20; Employees Blanchard, Hardy & Van Gorder, $100; Wildey Lodge, No. 1, I.O.O.F., $100; San Francisco Restaurant, $50; Mrs. John H. Mills, $50; Silver Star Masonic Lodge, $50; Chas. H. Fish, (old fashioned gold slug) $50; Wm. Beegan, $25; Mrs. E. R. Burne, $25; Mr. Sam Arnold, $25; G. A. Hart, $25; S. H. Marlett, $25; Crocker & Co., $25; Dinsmore & Aylesworth, $25; Wm. Denise, $30; Federal House, $20; W. W.Hull, $10; A. Hawkins, $10; Thos. Fitch bought gold slug donated by Fish at an advance of $10; Wm. P. Williams, $5; A. Putnam, $5.

[The announcement was made, here, that Gold Hill had distanced Austin and taken the flour, and Mr. Gridley mounted the rostrum and threw up a sponge according to promise.]

Master Howard Lee, $5; Master Amos Gridley, $10; Captain McClary, $10; S. W. Chubbuck, $10; W. W. Bishop, $10; Miss Belle Arnold, $10; J. D. Campbell, $20; James Jeffrey, $20; Mrs. Minnie Hyatt, $25.

[N. A. H. Ball and Samuel Hyatt appointed to pass a round the hat.]

R. C. Gridley, $20; Sam Hyatt, $50; cash collected, $50.

Bid in Virginia day before yesterday: A. B. Paul, $150; N. A. H. Ball, $25; W. C. Duval, $25; W. H. Beegan, $20; J. S. Inder, $20.

Gold Hill's total bid for the sack of flour, $6,062.

The speakers, the music and the carriages then proceeded to Silver City, where Mr. Fitch spoke again, and Mr. N. P. Sheldon, President of the Lyon County Sanitary Committee, acted as Treasurer, and Messrs. J. Martin Reese and Marshal Sam. Arnold as auctioneers. It was raining, half the population were at work, it being the middle of the afternoon, and many other things were in the way of a distinguished success, but over $300 were bid anyhow, as follows:

N. P. Sheldon, $120; John H. Greer, $100; Myrick & Muneton, $100; J. S. Dilley, $100; Steiner & Koneman, $50; W. B. Hickok, $50; Blum & Co., $50; Barney McDuffy, $30; Charles Gross, $30; Mrs. John W. Greer, $40; H. M. Steele, $20; J. Martin Reese, $20; N. C. Hackett, $20; R. C. Buran, $20; Mr. McDuffy, $20; Master James Dilley, $25; N. A. Keefer, $25; George Crandall, $10.

After leaving Silver city, the procession was hailed at the old stone hotel - the Sierra Nevada - by the patriotic proprietress, Mrs. Eliza Elliott, who wished to donate $40 on her own account. The boys gave her three hearty cheers and took a drink. Further down the cañon, Klein & Boub called the party in to moisten themselves, and contributed $25. All these parties are citizens of Silver City.

The Army of the Lord arrived at Dayton with flags flying and music blasting, at a quarter to 4 P. M., and after a few remarks from Messrs. Gridley, Fitch and Sankey, Judge Haydon, who has not his equal as an auctioneer on the bench of this or any other country, stood up in the rain and made sales as follows:

Capt. John Day, $100; Harrub & Co., $100; F. Birdsall, $125; A. W. Russell, $50; J. P. Bause, $50; Meyer & Co., $50; Harley Fay (Como,) $50; Dan Kendrick, $50; W. T. Harned, $40; M. J. Henley, $25; Overland Saloon, 425; Frank Kennedy, $25; William Gates, $25; Frank Kennedy, $25; Master James Dilley, $25; Ben Hazeltine, $25; Judge Haydon, $25; [Judge Haydon also gave his heat and bought it back at $10;] Hardy, Blanchard & Van Gorder, $50; N. P. Sheldon, $50; L. P. Howard & Co., $50; William Gates (second bid,) $35; B. C. Fish, $20; M. W. Starling, $20; Mr. Dalzell, $30; Capt. John Day, $10; C. McWilliams, $10; F. H. Cowles, $10; A. T. Howe, $10; Mr. Hugh, $10; E. J. Adkins, $10; Q. Waidhad, $10; T. Goldwin, $5; D. S. Curtis, $5.

[Capt. Day and Judge Haydon appointed to pass the hat around.]

J. S. Aiken, $10; W. Norton, $10; M. R. Sheldon, $10; E. J. Jones, $10; Mr. Rosenberg, $10; W. H. Weister, $5; J. W. Greer, $5; M. C. Hickey, $5; Frank Kennedy, $2.50; M. J. Henley of the Overland Saloon donated a lot on Silver street, 20 by 100 feet, which is to be sold for the benefit of the flour sack; M. W. Sterling, $10; J. P. Bause, $10. Total - $1,235.

To this sum should be added $600, which Messrs. Kennedy & Russell were authorized to subscribe on behalf of certain citizens of Dayton, and which pleasant duty they performed at the great mass meeting in Virginia at night. So the grand total of the patriotic town of Dayton stands $1,835. Welly good, John, notwithstanding the rain.

The Lord's Army camped awhile at Silver City again, on its w ay back, and made a few more sales. Mr. Fitch made a short speech, in which he said that during our absence, a bug, crawling on a man's leg, had been captured and sold for the benefit of the Sanitary Fund for the sum of $10, and that Capt. Close had thrashed a spectator for using disrespectful language towards the bug and the Sanitary cause. It was true. This started the bidding again - the flour sack was sold again as follows:

Caspar Hopp, $10; John W. Greer, $10; R. T. Mallett, $10; Mr. Garten, $10; A. W. Atkins, $10; Capt. Terry, S. C. Guards, $10; Member same company, $10; C. V. Boisot, $10; M. Goldsticker, $20; Capt. Uznay, $25; James Kennedy, $25; J. H. B. Foster, $20; David Hastings, $40; Employees French's Mills, $40; John Briggs, $60.

[We were informed by Mr. Reese that Jo. Trench was getting out a brick worth $150 to buy the sack with.]

Silver City Guard, $50; Jo Trench, $100; Chas. Sherman, $20. Total, $650.

We make Silver City's full total $1,525, but Mr. Paul places it at upwards of $1,700. We cannot account for the discrepancy.

In Gold Hill, at 4 P. M., after dinner at the San Francisco restaurant, the following additional sales were made:

B. C. Bertlett, $25; Charles Higgins, $25; W. W. Van Vilet, $20; G. S. Lewis, $20; E. M. Crane, $20; William Lafferty, $20; I. L. Requa, $20; D. W. Bowen, $20; N. A. H. Ball, $10; Richard Mercer, $10; John A. Campbell, $10; Mr. Woodcock, $40; Captain George Plaisted, $140; W. N. Leet, $100; Mr. Geddings, $10; Sam Hail, $10; Platt Ketchum, $10; J. B. Henry, $50; William Hardy, $25; Capt. McClory, $5; J. D. Simpson, $5; R. Bowyer, $5; cash, $5; Joen Earl, $5; E. J. Cole, $5; O. T. Barber, $5; J. Allan, $5; William A. Gamble, $5; Dr. Barnes, $5; Master Willie Paul, $2.50; Capt. McClory, $2.50. This makes Gold Hill's bid foot up about $6,750!

A procession several hundred yards long was then formed, consisting of the National Guard and regulars from the Fort, the music wagon, carriages, horsemen and a multitude of citizens on foot, and the old original army thus augmented, moved upon Virginia's works and stormed them.

The notorious flour sack was put up at auction by those talented auctioneers, Thomas Fitch and Charles De Long, and sold for a fraction less than thirteen thousand dollars! We saw Gold Hill's $6,500, and went her $6,500 better. Glory to Virginia! Mr. Donner, Superintendent, and the other employees of the monarch of mines and mills - the Gould and Curry - raised Austin out of her boots with one magnificent bid of $3,500 for the sack of flour! The cheering was not altogether light. The heaviest bids were: Potosi Silver Mining Company, $550; Chollar Silver Mining Company, $500; Empire Mill and Mining Company, $500; Stewart & Baldwin, $500; Land & Brother, $500.

There were any number of bids ranging from $100 up to $250, but as we cannot give a full report of the whole day's proceedings, we have concluded to leave the details of Virginia's grand effort in behalf of the St. Louis Fair over until tomorrow, and content ourselves with a full report of the other towns for the present. Mr. Fish, the Secretary, says Virginia contributed $12,945 in gold last night, besides a vast amount of mining stock and a handsome double barreled shot-gun not yet sold, and consequently not counted. The large stores of Louis Fausier & Co., and Gillig, Mott & Co., in front of which the mass meeting was held, were illuminated from roof to pavement. Altogether, yesterday was the greatest day the Sanitary Fund ever saw in Nevada Territory. The meeting did not break up till a late hour at night.

This famous sack of flour was to be "auctioned" again in Sacramento yesterday, and may soon be expected in this city, for the same purpose, before it is taken to the East.

(Reprinted in San Francisco Bulletin, May 19, 1864, p. 5.)

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