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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, July 4, 1864


A SHEEP-STEALER CAUGHT. - Officers Chappel & Watkin arrested a man named Wright, on Saturday, for grand larceny in stealing about eight hundred sheep. He was herding them for Mr. Otis, of this city, and he wandered from one county to another with them until, arrived in Tuolumne, he considered himself far enough out of reach to make the disposal of them a safe operation. But he was a man of excellent judgment and great forethought -- he sheared the sheep before he sold them. He cleared some three thousand dollars by the sale of the wool and the sheep, and as he did not have the money with him when the officers captured him, the chances are that his distinguisehd good judgment prompted him to conceal it somewhere before he ventured down here in the midst of the detectives.

[transcribed from microfilm, p. 2.]


TOM THUMB AND HIS BRIDE. - We all remember what a furor was created when General Tom Thumb was married to Minnie Warren, at Grace Church, New York, and how the press teemed with descriptions of the interesting event. The whole bridal party are now in San Francisco, at Gilbert's Museum; not in the flesh, to be sure, but so near it that a casual glance would be likely to deceive all at a cursory view. We refer to the wonderful cero plastic group of the "Fairy Wedding," at the Museum, which Gilbert, through his keen sighted caterer, Hudson, lately brought on from New York. The group also includes a life-like representation of the great Barnum, the Master of Ceremonies on that interesting occasion. It is well worth a visit, and we are glad to know that the enterprise of the manager of the Museum is appreciated and rewarded. Thousands, including vast crowd of the fair sex, crowd the Museum daily to see this remarkable exhibition.

[Not in Branch's list. Transcribed from microfilm, p. 2.]


AN "ALTAGRAPH.." - Take the following as a specimen of the Alta's reportorial wit:

"Was that money I sent you all right?" asked Jones of Stiggers, as he met the latter coming out of a doorway with ground glass numbers over it, at two o'clock in the morning. "I (hic) sup(hic)pose so, as I (hic) haven't any left," said Stiggers, ruefully shaking his empty pockets.

Dry as a squeezed orange must be the brain that moved the inditing of that paragraph.

[transcribed from microfilm, p. 3.]

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