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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, July 6, 1864

THE RACING STOCK IN THE PROCESSION. - The representative of Bay View Park was Mr. W. F. Williamson. He had some splendid horses under his charge. They were placed between the Fire Department and Butchers. First came Mr. Williamson, the Proprietor, in a rockaway, drawn by a splendid pair of Kentucky mules named "Rapidan" and "Jennie." These mules are sixteen and a half hands high. They were driven by Jack Mitchell, an experienced groom. Following these were several trotting horses now in training at the Course: "Ingomar, " White Eye" and "Fremont," owned at the Park; "W. H. Seward," "Top and Toss" and "Flora Allen," owned by different parties in the city; next b. g. "Humboldt" and b. m. "Dolly," from the stable of G. N. Ferguson & Co. - the mare Dolly was handled well by Master Joe Marks; next was the stable of Mr. Pat Farrell: "Kate Kearney" and "Billy Lewis," then came "Danger," a beautiful stallion, owned by a gentleman in Washoe; the last, though by no means the least, was the double team "M. S. Latham" and "D. C. Broderick," turned out from the stable of A. R. Covey, Esq.; this, in our opinion, was the prettiest turn out in the lot. Altogether, the horse-show excited much attention, and the encomiums, especially from the ladies, were general.

[text transcribed from the microfilm]

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