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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, July 6, 1864

BANNER PRESENTATION. - The Rincon Grammar School was the recipient of a handsome flag, and also a beautiful silken banner, on the morning of the Fourth, both of them presents from the friends of the school. Miss Ida Doyle, one of the school girls, made the presentation speech and delivered the flag, and Mr. S. Holliday received it on the part of the school. Miss Emma Corliss, a pupil, made the presentation address on behalf of the donors of the banner, and Master John Welsh, also a pupil of the Rincon School, received it an delivered the response. On the banner was a beautifully painted American flag in the foreground, with a view of the National Capital in the distance; in a circle above appeared the motto: "Our Country's Hope." This banner was carried by the girls in the great procession, and it was much admired, and this calls to mind the fact that one of the happiest features of that procession was the cars filled with Rincon School girls, flooded with snowy cataracts of gauze and muslin, and all that sort of thing. They outshone all the evergreens and flowers and flags with which the long column was adorned, and it would have been all the prettier if other female schools had been drafted into the ranks. We have spoken elsewhere of the fine appearance the Rincon boys made on the Fourth, and their soldierly and well ordered conduct; it is only fair to say that in all the arrangements connected with fitting out this expedition and conducting it to a satisfactory issue, the Principal, Mr. Pelton, was ably assisted by Masters John Warren and John Welch, of his school.

[text transcribed from the microfilm]

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