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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, July 9, 1864

BREAK IN THE WATER WORKS - ACCIDENT REPAIRED. - About one o'clock yesterday afternoon a large aqueduct of the San Francisco Water Works burst, at the Fillmore Street Wharf, tearing up forty-two feet of twenty-six-inch pipe, and washing away three hundred tons of dirt in an instant. From the magnitude of the disaster, it was supposed it would take forty-eight hours to repair the damage, and that the people would have to be very economical in their consumption of water during that time. Under ordinary circumstances this prognostication might have held good, but it failed under the promptness and energy of Mr. Elliot, the Company's engineer, who immediately dispatched a messenger to Fort Point for assistance, and was at once furnished with forty men by Colonel Ashley. In the meantime Mr. Elliot had gathered together an equal number of men himself. The final result was, that within an hour after the accident, eighty men were hard at work, and by nine o'clock last night the damages were thoroughly repaired, and the community will not suffer the slightest inconvenience on account of the disaster. Mr. Elliot certainly seems to be the "right man in the right place."

[text transcribed from the microfilm]

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