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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, July 10, 1864

GREEN-BACK THEFT. - About ten days ago, a man named Briggs, who owns a ranch near Marysville, went away from home for a few days, leaving a hired man named N. H. McCann in charge of the premises. As soon as his employer was gone, however, McCann broke open a trunk belonging to him, took from it eight hundred and eighty dollars in green-backs, and decamped. Mr. Briggs' family were very uneasy about the thief's absence and as each day passed without his return, they grew more and more fearful that some dire misfortune had befallen him. When Briggs came home and discovered his loss, their distress was materially relieved, although it shortly began to flow in the other direction - they were distressed because they were afraid some dire misfortune might not happen to Mr. McCann. Briggs hurried down to San Francisco and gave information at the Police Office, and a description of the robber, and last night Officer Rose succeeded in hunting him down, and fastening his infallible claws upon him. He had a twenty-dollar green-back with him and six hundred dollars more on deposit at this hotel, where he had stopped as a new arrival from the States, under the name of James Jones. McCann, alias Jones, will have his conduct examined into before Judge Shepheard to-morrow morning.

[text transcribed from the microfilm]

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