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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, July 22, 1864


FIRST REGIMENT ELECTION. - An election for Lieutenant Colonel and Major of the First Regiment Infantry, C.S.M., was held last night at the Armory of the City Guard, which resulted in the choice of Captain T. B. Ludlum of Company I, for the first-named position, and First-Lieutenant and Adjutant Edwin Lewis for the last. A long table, freighted with all manner of delicacies, "had the floor" at half-past ten o'clock, and two long ranks of martial-looking men were seated at it, practising that duty of the true soldier which is so necessary, and yet so difficult to master -- the same being the destruction of the rations. They performed admirably; and as we know by former experience that they are perfect in all the other accomplishments appertaining to the science of war, we are relieved at last of the only doubt that troubled us, and are now proud to be able to state without hesitation that California is entirely safe. Up the the hour of our visit, some happy speeches had been made by Colonel A. Jones Jackson, the presiding officer of the election, Supervisor Rowell, Surgeon of the regiment, Colonel Wood, Major Lewis and Captain Robbins, and these amenities of civilized warfare were being still indulged in with unabated interest. The gentlemen of the First Regiment have our best wishes for their present and future well-being.

[transcribed from microfilm, p. 2.]

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