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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 2, 1864


If ever you want to find Ellen Quinn, or Gentle Julia, or Mary Holt, or Haidee Leonard, or Annie Berry, please call at the County Jail, upstairs. Mary Holt has spent most of her time there for the past fourteen years, it is said, and the most inexperienced of this company of choice spirits (gin) has sojourned there chiefly for the last three years. Mary Holt has just enlisted again for the County Jail for fifty days, and next time she comes out she will probably enlist for the war. Following is the record of service of these old soldiers for the past twelve months: Out of the 365 days, Ellen Quinn spent 240 in the County Jail; Gentle Julia, 210 in the station house and County Jail together; Mary Holt, 190 in the County Jail alone; Haidee Leonard, 106 in the County Jail; Annie Berry, 111 in the County Jail. The balance of the year these fellows have spent in the stationhouse, for the most part, for they suffer arrest and confinement there three times, with about two days imprisonment for each arrest, before they can pass muster and get into the County Jail. The veteran Mary Holt commenced fighting the prisons in 1849 or '50.

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