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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 3, 1864


Under-Sheriff Hall, of Santa Clara county, and Messrs. Hume and Van Eaton, Under and Deputy Sheriffs of El Dorado county, arrived from San Jose by the cars, yesterday evening, with the following splendid haul of Placerville stage robbers, captured by them in the vicinity of San Jose, early yesterday morning: Henry Jarbo, George Cross, J. A. Robinson, Wallace Clendening, Joseph Gamble, Joseph Jordan, Thomas Freer, James Freer, John Ingraham, Gately and Hodges - eleven. Sheriff Hall also brought down another of the robber gang named Wilson, whom he caught a week ago. He has been upon the track of all these men, and has been "spotting" them for the past three months. The confession of young Glasby confirmed his suspicions concerning them. The prisoners are farmers, for the most part, and resided round about San Jose; they are all Constitutional Democrats. They are not all charged with having taken part in the stage robbery, but some of them did, and the others were members of the robber organization, and accessories to the robbery before and after the fact. The organization dates back to the first of May, and the process of forming it was under way a good while before that. Its object was to raise men for the Confederate service, and they were to furnish themselves with equipments and supplies by guerrilla practice on the highway. Its ramifications are supposed to be very extensive, and they are known to have received aid and comfort from many prominent citizens. Some of the men arrested are well-to-do farmers. We are told by a resident of Santa Clara county that the prisoner Robinson is a brother-in-law of the editor of the Stockton Democratic organ, the Beacon. It is not known whether the men recruited for the Confederate service were to do duty only in this State, or elsewhere. The headquarters of the gang were at the house of a man named Hodges, who lives in the mountains east of San Jose. The six who robbed Wells, Fargo and Co's stage, started from Hodges'. Under-Sheriff Hall arrested this man at the "Willows," near San Jose, early yesterday morning, where he had unsuspectingly come on business. Two of the prisoners in this new haul are believed to have taken a hand in the late robbery of Langton's Express. Grant, Baker, and Captain Ingram, of the gang, have escaped, and left for parts unknown. Baker and Ingram were kept in hiding for a day or two by one Green Duff at his house near San Jose, and the latter furnished Baker a horse to escape on. Mr. Hall arrested a man at Duff's house, yesterday morning. The man is a good Constitutional Democrat. The rumor prevalent here yesterday, that there was a terrific fight in San Jose the night before, with the stage robbers, was groundless; there was no fight. Colonel Jackson telegraphed for one thousand rounds of ball cartridge yesterday morning - in order to be prepared for an emergency, perhaps, in case one should arise - and the militia of San Jose were called together the night before and provided with a signal for the same purpose; they went further than was required, and lay on their arms in anticipation of trouble. Out of these ominous circumstances the rumor we have spoken of probably grew. Sheriff Hall also brought up with him last night three State prisoners, viz: Henry Hoffman, Charles Buford and Antonio Leiva, all sentenced for one year for grand larceny; he will take them to San Quentin to-day, and the El Dorado officers will depart with the Secesh stage robbers on the Sacramento boat this evening. No blood was spilled in arresting the robber gang. One posse of men under Sheriff Hall, and another under officers Hume and Van Eaton, left San Jose before daylight yesterday morning, and travelled in different directions; the former made six of the arrests, and the latter five.

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