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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 4, 1864


The young man, John Ferguson, whose attempt to poison himself by strychnine we recorded in yesterday morning's CALL, is beyond danger. This gratifying result is due to the exertions of Dr. De Castro, who was summoned after the first-called physician had abandoned the case and declared recovery impossible. The Doctor remained with the patient until the effects of the poison had been completely subdued. Ferguson, we understand, is a moulder by trade, and was lately in the employ of Ira P. Rankin. He lost his situation through no fault of his own; but simply because, with others of his craft, he asked an advance of fifty cents per day on his wages to meet increased expenses of living. For this presumption he was thrown out of employment, and it weighed upon his spirits to the extent of suicide. With some money-getters fifty cents have more importance than many lives.

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