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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 5, 1864, p. 2

ALMOST AN ITEM. -- While "norating around" among the wharves yesterday, keeping the Fast, by reason of the last dime having been put into the collection-bag in the morning "for the benefit of the poor of the congregation," (of which we were one,) we discovered a speck of fire among broken up straw, which had communicated with the wharf timbers and promised fairly for an item. All this was at the corner of Clay and East streets. We took a position to watch the item growing, but alas! for human hopes; an energetic and public spirited young man who possessed an interest in a ready-made clothing store close by, conceived the wretched idea of squelching the item, which he accomplished with accelerated movements, by anointing the burning materials with a basin of water. The fire was doubtless the work of some careless smoker. We didn't mind the extinguishment, but the indignity of sousing our budding item with dirty water, provoked a profane utterance.

STILL GOING. -- As sinks the aged man quietly into the grave, so silently settle the old wharves into the Bay, leaving a wretched wrecked aspect to remind us of the instability of earthly things. Fresh evidences of decay are daily exhibited among these old and uncertain structures. A new sink at the foot of Sacramento street repeats the story of time and the teredo.

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