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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 9, 1864


Mr. Powers, who was arrested the other day for writing to young girls in the seminaries over the signature of "Mrs. Amelia Barstow," and soliciting their custom in the obscene picture line, has escaped and gone into hiding. He went in charge of officer Bowen to confer with his "attorney" (or his confederate?) and while closeted with that individual, jumped out of a second-story window - so much so that when Bowen went after him to take him back, he was nowhere visible to the naked eye. Mr. Powers tried the same game on officer Hesse, when he was first arrested, but it failed; Hesse preferred that all private interviews should be held in his presence. Playing the extreme confidence game with officers is very old, and very well understood by most of them. Count Bowen among the latter class hereafter. The aforesaid "counsel" will be arrested to-day for complicity in the escape of the prisoner.

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