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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 13, 1864


A pile of miscellaneous articles was found heaped up at a late hour last night away down somewhere in Harrison street, which attracted the notice of numbers of passers-by, and divers attempts were made to ana lyze the same without effect, for the reason that no one could tell where to begin, or which was on top. Two Special Policemen dropped in just then and solved the difficulty, show ing a clean inventory of one horse, one buggy, two men and an indefi nite amount of liquor. The liquor couldn't be got at to be gauged, consequently the proof of it couldn't be told; the men, though, were good proof that the liquor was there, for they were as drunk as Bacchus and his brother. A fight had been on hand somewhere, and one of the men had been close to it, for his face was painted up in various hues, sky-blue and crimson being prominent. The order of the buggy was inverted, and the horse beyond a realizing sense of his condition. The men went with some noise to the station-house, and the animal, with attachments, being set to rights, ambled off to a livery stable on Kearny street.

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