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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 23, 1864


Business is progressing in lively style at the Monitor Yard. Some two hundred and seventy-five hands, including about fifty boys, swarm in and about the progressing hull, and all appear to work with a will, under the keen superintending eye of Mr. Ryan and his able assistants. On Saturday evening, after the men had struck work, they were invited to assist at a grand flag-raising. A tall tapering pole was planted, amid general enthusiasm, and a splendid American ensign hoisted to the truck with cheers to its constellated glories and toasts for its ultimate triumph. Mr. J. W. Willard, the gentleman who attends to the contribution-box placed at the entrance gate, for aid to the Sanitary Commission Fund, informs us that visitors contribute their two bits with cheerfulness; in many instances coin of larger denomination are dropped, and change refused to be taken. On Sunday, a general visiting time, the amount contributed was two hundred and seventy-three dollars; and yesterday the box received from fifty to sixty dollars. The "Monitor Box" promises a good source.

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