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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 24, 1864


Yesterday, F. L. Post, Property Clerk of the Police Department, paid over the fourth and fifth instalments of the monthly contributions of the Police force to the Sanitary Fund, amounting, in the aggregate, to a fraction under five hundred dollars. This makes a total of two thousand five hundred and sixty-four dollars, in gold, received by the Sanitary Commission from the same source since the beginning of the present year, and speaks volumes for the liberality and patriotism of our Police. Chief Burke contributes fifteen dollars monthly; officer Cook, twelve dollars and a half; officer Hesse, twelve dollars; Captains Lees and Baker, ten dollars each, and none of the members of the force less than five dollars. These donations are purely voluntary. While upon this subject, we would mention that R. G. Sneath, Treasurer of the Sanitary Committee, designs having a beautiful certificate engraved, suitable for framing as a parlor ornament, and one of these will be filled out and presented to each person who contributes ten dollars for the relief of the sick and wounded soldiers of the Union.

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