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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 27, 1864


The success of the Fair of the Christian Commission is no longer conjectural - it is a demonstrated fact. The receipts of the opening night were over eleven hundred dollars, those of the second, eighteen hundred dollars, and as there was a considerable larger crowd in attendance last evening than upon either of the former occasions, it is fair to presume that the receipts amounted to at least two thousand dollars - making a total, up to the present time, of about five thousand dollars. It is proposed to continue the Fair almost a fortnight longer, and inasmuch as its popularity is steadily increasing, it requires no gift of prophecy to enable one to pronounce it a grand success in advance. The prince of Bands - the Presidio - volunteered again last evening, and delighted the audience with its superb music. There was vocal music, also, of the highest degree of excellence. The first in order was a cavatina, by Mrs. Gleason; followed by a ballad, "Brightest Angel," by Mrs. Shattucx; grand aria from "Maritana," by Mr. John Gregg, of the Italian opera; "Who will care for Mother now ?" ballad, by Miss Mowry; "Heart Bowed Down by Weight of Woe," from opera of "The Bohemian Girl," by John Gregg. These several musical gems were well received and highly appreciated. This evening the tableaux will be resumed, as follows: 1. Landing of the Pilgrims; 2. Crinoline Avenged; 3. Statuary; 4. Execution of Lady Jane Grey; 5. Winning the Gloves; 6. Statuary - Fair Rosamond and Queen Eleanor. The tableaux the other evening were got ten up in fine taste and gave great satisfaction, albeit while the one representing The Queen of Sheba at the Court of King Solomon, was before the house, the effect was unduly heightened by an assistant in citizen's dress rushing bald headed into Court, before he discovered that the curtain was still up. The Court betrayed surprise; and so would the original Solomon, if the same man, in the same modern costume, had ever appeared so unexpectedly before him. The intrusion was not premeditated; the gentleman was very deaf - so deaf, indeed, that he could not see that the curtain had not yet been lowered. We forbear to urge any one to go to the Fair, to-night, for the chances are that there will be people enough there to strain the sides of the building a little, anyhow.

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