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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 30, 1864


The era of our prosperity is about to dawn on us. If it don't it had orter. The jingle of coin will still be heard in our pockets and tills. It's all right. The Hard Money Association held an adjourned meeting at the Police Courtroom last night, for the express purpose of considering dollars. The meeting was an adjourned one. It staid adjourned. It wasn't anything else. The room was dimly lighted. It looked like the Hall of Eolis. Silently sat some ten or a dozen of the galvanized protectors of our prosperity. They looked for all the world like an infernal council in conclave. They were dumb; but what great plans for the suppression of the green-backed dragon were born in that silence still remains hid in the arcana of the mysterious cabal. They said nothing, they did nothing. Like fixed statues they sat, all wrapped in contemplation of their mighty scheme. They didn't adjourn, for from the first it was an adjourned meeting, and it staid adjourned. Soon they all left - parted quietly, mysteriously, awfully. The lights were turned out, and - nothing more. Money is still hard.

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