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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 31, 1864


That industrious wild "Shiner" with his heavy brass machine for testing the strength of human muscles, is around again, in his original swallow-tail gray coat. That same wanderer, coat and machine, have been ceaselessly on the move throughout California and Washoe, for a year or more, and still they look none the worse for wear. And still the generous proposition goeth up from the wanderer's lips, in the by-places and upon the corners of the street: "Wan pull for a bit, jintlemen, an' anny man that pulls eighteen hundher' pounds can thry it over agin widout expinse." And still the wanderer seeketh the eighteen hundred pounder up and down in the earth, and findeth him not; and still the public strive for that gratis pull, and still they are disappointed - still do they fall short of the terms by a matter of half a ton or so. Go your ways, and give the ubiquitous "Shiner" a chance to find the man upon whom it is his mission upon earth to confer the blessing of a second pull "widout expinse."

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