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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, August 31, 1864


Ellen Clark and Peter Connarty were up yesterday, charged with an assault and battery committed on Dr. S. S. Foster, gymnast and athlete, at Callahan's building, on Dupont street. The Doctor says he was assailed by these persons without any provocation on his part, and suffered at their hands divers indignities and abuses, but being under a vow made some years since never to strike any one thereafter, no matter what might be the aggravation, he quietly dropped his cane, folded his hands, and submitted. King Solomon says, "It is the glory of a man to pass by an offence." Behold what a glorious fellow Dr. Foster must be; he declared that although no three men in the profession can handle him, yet if a person were to spit in his face he would not resent it. That's a high order of Christian meekness and forbearance - a sublime instance. Other witnesses, however, tell a story less creditable to this prodigy of physical and moral firmness, and as they were about equally balanced in the weight of their testimony, the Doctor was allowed time to procure some preponderating evidence. So the case was held over until to-day.

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