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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, September 1, 1864


One of our new policemen was lying exceedingly low in a Chinese alley the other night, for the purpose of surprising a loafer who was in the habit of stealing the bread of a butcher, the butcher thinking it was not meet that he should do so. While lying prone on the ground, the officer was discovered by a vigilant Chinaman, Ah Wah. The former feigned obliviousness. The benevolent Chinaman shook the prostrate form, but meeting with no response, decided that the ghost of the policeman had gone to another beat, and concluded to administer on his es tate. John took an inventory. Item, one pistol, when suddenly the officer sprung to his feet and took John. He was brought before Judge Shepheard yesterday morning, charged with petty larceny. His counsel, Mr. Zabriskie, said that any innocent person might go through a man's pockets under similar circumstances. The argument was overpowering, and Ah Wah was discharged.

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