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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, September 2, 1864


The stern, practical appearance which the great array of machinery and all manner of industrial implements has heretofore given to the Pavilion is being softened and relieved, now, by a pleasant sprinkling of fresh flowers and beautiful pictures; and by the time the Art halls are fully dressed with paintings, and the central tower with blooming plants, and the fountain below filled with limpid water, and the thousand lights a-blaze above a mass of people in ceaseless motion, the place will look as vivacious and charming as it now looks tumbled and shapeless. And while on this flight, it is proper to state that in the east wing of the Pavilion, Mr. Beers will have an excellent and commodious restaurant, where visitors can obtain anything or everything they may choose to eat or drink, and in quantities to suit the capacities of all stomachs. How naturally doth the cultivated human mind ascend from art and horticultural to hash and hominy!

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