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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, September 2, 1864


A fat, chubby infant, about two years old, was found by the police yesterday evening, lying fast asleep in the middle of Folsom street, between Sixth and Seventh, and in dangerous proximity to the railroad track. We saw the cheerful youngster in the city jail last night, sitting contentedly in the arms of a negro man who is employed about the establishment. He had been taking another sleep by the stove in the jail kitchen. Possibly the following description of the waif may be recognized by some distressed mother who did not rest well last night: A fat face, serious countenance; considerable dignity of bearing; flaxen hair; eyes dark bluish gray, (by gaslight, at least; ) a little soiled red jacket; brown frock, with pinkish squares on it half an inch across; kid gaiter shoes and red-striped stockings; evidently admires his legs, and answers "Dah-dah" to each and all questions, with strict impartiality. Anyone having lost an offspring of the above description can get it again by proving property and paying for this advertisement.

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