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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, September 3, 1864


Visitors to the Mechanics' Fair, to-day, should examine carefully the pretty and ingenious Labyrinth Garden, in miniature, gotten up by Mr. Frank Staeglich, and situated near the Floral Tower. It is easy to see your way into it, and the paths are very straight, but to see your way out again is the impossible feature of the thing. Although this garden, with its endless complication of drives and avenues, is only about as large as an ordinary lunch table, the grass plats, flower-beds, and rows of microscopic trees, with which it is luxuriously embellished, are all alive and growing. There are within the garden one hundred and twenty-five perfect trees, from one to three inches high, belonging to many different species of California's lordliest forest monarchs, among which are the giant redwood and several kinds of pines. The long rows of lilliputian shrubs which inclose the garden are vigorous young cedar trees, and there are three thousand of them.

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