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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, September 14, 1864


TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. - Chief Burke offers a reward of two hundred dollars for the apprehension of Charles Spencer alias Charles James Mortimer, who attempted to murder Officer Rose. Mortimer is described as being about thirty years of age, five feet eight or nine inches in height, weight about one hundred and sixty pounds, hair light, eyes blue, complexion light, full face, red cheeks, good looking, thickset build, crucifix with lighted candles and three hearts pierced with arrows pricked on his right forearm in red and black ink, and on the left arm, the letters "C.J.M.;" on one arm the name Flinn (Mr. B. thinks it is "J. Flinn") is pricked. When last seen he wore a soft soft hat, with three parallel ridges about one quarter of an inch wide, running from the back to the front over the crown, small bruise on nose, one eye slightly black, a knife wound on one arm, recently made, large coarse goatee and moustache, sandy color, dyed black. Mortimer has in his possession a gold watch, marked on the face, "Marine Time Observer," and heavy gold chain with hands clasped over a heart; one Mark Master's mark, with sextant engraved on one side, and on the other a ship under full sail -- also engraved on it, "Chas. L. Wiggin, Cal. R.A. Chapter No. 5; also a gold hunting-case, lever watch, E. S. Yates & Co., makers, No. 22045, with Eureka on both sides of case outside; also an old five shooting revolver, and a new six shooter. Attached to the last described watch is a heavy gold vest chain, cable pattern. He had also $600 in gold coin, and $240 in greenbacks -- all stolen property.

[transcribed from microfilm, p. 1]



. . . . .

The Board then resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, to take under consideration the violation of the rules of the Board by certain Grammar Teachers.

At this juncture, the reporters were invited to become scarce.


As a Committee of the Whole, the Board annulled the certificate of Mr. J. C. Pelton, Principal of the Rincon Grammar School, and one of the most efficient members of the Department. No cause was assigned for this measure, although Mr. Pelton appeared and requested to be informed with regard to it. The Director of Mr. Pelton's District and Dr. Grover opposed the measure, and moved that it be laid over until the next meeting; but the Board was too anxious to get rid of a man whose good sense and perception made him capable of appreciating properly their unmitigated stupidity, and stood as a check to their tyranny. Mr. Badger, one of the friends of common sense, was absent and consequently had not an opportunity of recording his vote against the measure.

[transcribed from microfilm, p. 3]

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