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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, September 18, 1864


MAGUIRE'S OPERA HOUSE. - The past week has been devoted to benefits to the different leading members of the community; but the time is unpropitious for filling the house. Politics are surging; and our citizens find more amusement in attending their District Club meetings, mass meetings, and the rest, than in the theatre. To this cause as much as any other, perhaps, may be attributed the scant showing numbers present even when such popular actors as Charles R. Thorne and Frank Mayo made it a personal affair between themselves and the public. Again, the Mechanics' Industrial Fair is under full headway, and possesses attractions for an evening promenade among its collections of the wonders of science, art and skilled industry which the ladies find hard to resist. The theatrical managers would - to use the language of one of them - "rather fight twenty shows than one Mechanics' Fair;" especially such a complete one as has been opened in this city.... Tonight, the drama of "A Life's Revenge" will be given; and next week James H. Warwick takes the stage.

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