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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, September 22, 1864


At a case of pomological, ichthyological, mechanical, and a general variety of specimens, at the west side of the rotunda of the Mechanics' Fair building, is an unshapely looking animal, between a reptile and a fish, called the "Catfish Squid," preserved in alcohol. In size, the thing amounts to no more than a small potato, but the amount of physical force it is said to exert when not in liquor, and otherwise in good health, is somewhat enormous, being altogether disproportionate to its dimensions. A card appended to the jar that keeps the animal in spirits, informs the curious searcher after information that the squid can "take a man down and suck him to death." And if any is skeptical of the fact, he or she can just find out where there is one ready to perform, and try it on. This specimen was obtained near Oakland. Close by is an other jar containing an odd looking individual of the lobster species, found on the islands. It lives in white sand, and is usually found in pairs.

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