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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, September 25, 1864


Charles James Mortimer, who attempted to kill Detective Rose, a short time ago, has been seen in the coast range, between San Mateo and Spanishtown, within the past day or two. He was recognized by two men, and his capture attempted, but he shot one of his assailants in the hand, and the other in the foot, and escaped. These facts were ascertained by a telegram from Sheriff Keith, of San Mateo county, and Officer Chappel was at once sent down there to look after Mortimer. He telegraphed Captain Lees, yesterday, that no traces of the missing scoundrel could be found, and that it would be useless to send down a larger force to hunt for him. The country where he was seen is covered for miles with a dense growth of willows, and Mortimer can hide in them and elude pursuit as long as he wants to. He need not lack for animal food, for the district is full of fowls, pigs, sheep, and bullocks, from which he can take his choice at any time under cover of the night. The only sure method of catching him lies in burning the willows; but as this would probably result in the destruction of the crops thereabouts, the farmers will not permit it to be done.

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