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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, October 1, 1864


GREAT EXCITEMENT. - Two soldiers, armed with muskets, began to pace solemnly up and down in front of the Mint, yesterday, and the alarming spectacle soon drew a large and excited crowd to the spot, who doubtless thought the United States had ruthlessly seized upon her own property by military violence. Be not afraid; the sentinels were placed there in obedience to Governmental instructions, and will stand guard over the Mint, both night and d ay, hereafter. There is nothing ominous about it; the same military guardianship is kept up at the Mints at Philadelphia and New Orleans. As we stated this morning, orders have been received here to pay to the Mint employees the wages so long due them. This payment, however, will only reach the amount of arrearages for three months, because the inadequacy of the funds on hand to cover the entire indebtedness, which is for six months' service.

[transcribed from microfilm, p. 2.]

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