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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, October 8, 1864


Benjamin Roderick has been arrested on charges of malicious mischief, carrying a concealed weapon, and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Yesterday morning, shortly after midnight, he went to the house of Mary Roberts and got into a quarrel with her, and drawing a Bowie-knife, threatened to take her life; he went away, and afterwards returned, renewed his threats, and proceeded to smash up all the furniture in her house; he created havoc and destruction on all sides, and ended by breaking the windows with large stones. At last the cries of the woman attracted the attention of Special Officer Forner, and he was about to arrest Roderick when the latter broke away and ran. Forner fired his pistol in the air, which frightened the fugitive, and he stopped and gave himself up. Besides his Bowie-knife, he carried on his person a murderous weapon in the shape of a short-handled hatchet - an equipment calculated to make him rather formidable at short range. Roderick had been marching with the Broom Rangers, and the woman says he was drunk when he entered her house.

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