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The San Francisco Daily Morning Call, October 9, 1864


The monitor Camanche is rapidly approaching completion. The side armor of wood is all on but about twenty feet at the stern, making nearly three and a half feet of solid wood on the sides of the monster, from stem to stern. The work of putting on the five inches of iron plating, outside of the wood, is being pushed rapidly forward, and already about seventy feet from the prow is completed. For the last two or three days, the workmen have been putting the iron plates on the deck, and about one thousand feet of the deck has been covered with the two plates of iron designed for it. Those who wish to see the monitor again before she is launched, and while they can witness the manner of securing the enormous weight of wood and iron with which the sides are covered, will do well to do so to-morrow, or within a few days, as she will soon be wholly encased with her impenetrable coat of mail.

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