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The New York Times, June 7, 1904

Mrs. Clemens Expires Suddenly in Italy - Married to the Author in 1870.

FLORENCE, June 6. - Mrs. Samuel M. [sic] Clemens, the wife of Mark Twain, the American author and lecturer, died from syncope here last evening. Half an hour before her death she had conversed cheerfully with her husband.

Mrs. Clemens died painlessly. The body has been embalmed, and will be sent to the United States.

Mr. Clemens kneels continually by the coffin. He speaks to no one.

It was on account of his wife's poor health that Mr. Clemens decided several months ago to live in Italy. Mr. and Mrs. Clemens arrived at Florence last Nov. 8. A month later is was announced that Mrs. Clemens had been so indisposed since her arrival in Italy that no one outside her family had been allowed to see her. In the latter part of January it was said that her condition had greatly improved.

Mrs. Clemens was Miss Olivia L. Langdon. She was a native of Elmira, N. Y., and was married to Mr. Clemens in 1870.

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