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The New York Times, September 24, 1907

Inventor's Use of Steam in Navigation Shown in Marine Parade.

NORFOLK, Va., Sept. 23. - Elaborate ceremonies marked today's observance of Robert Fulton Day at the Jamestown Exposition. Of the many historical events commemorated by the tercentennial, none has been of greater importance and deeper significance than the celebration of the practical application of Robert Fulton's inventions to the needs of the world.

While the exercises were under the direction of the exposition officials, added prominence was given them by the participation of the Robert Fulton Monument Association. The orator of the day was Martin W. Littleton of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Cornelius Vanderbilt, the President of the association came from New York on his yacht North Star, and Dr. Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) came on the yacht Kanawha, each being accompanied by a party of guests. Rear Admiral P. F. Harrington, U. S. N., retired, headed the committee appointed to receive the distinguished guests.

A spectacular feature of the celebration was a typical representation of what the inventions of Robert Fulton meant to the world. It was the assembling in Hampton Roads, just off the exposition grounds of every sort of craft propelled by steam. The vessels, of all sizes and description, all ablaze with flags and bunting, formed a marine parade which was reviewed by the guests from the decks of the visiting yachts.

The day's programme included the award of the cups presented by President Roosevelt, King Edward, and Sir Thomas Lipton for the winners in the various classes of yacht races.

The formal exercises in the Auditorium were called to order by Robert Fulton Cutting of New York in a brief address, which concluded with the introduction of Mark Twain as Chairman and master of ceremonies. Following remarks by the Chair, and preceding an oration by Mr. Littleton, there were addresses by President Tucker of the exposition, Lieut. Gov. Ellyson of Virginia, Hugh Gordon Miller of New York, and Rear Admiral Harrington, U. S. N., in charge of the navy's participation in the exposition.

A dinner was held in the New York State building at night. Pyrotechnic displays closed the celebration.

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