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The New York Times, February 23, 1908

Exchanging Jests on the Pier - Financier Thinks the Outlook Bright.

"This is what I get for being in bad company," said Mark Twain, humorist, pointing to H. H. Rogers, financier, when a host of interviewers descended upon him yesterday morning on the deck of the steamship Bermudian, previous to their departure for Bermuda.

"My methods," responded Mr. Rogers quickly, "are no worse than your jokes, and they are bad enough."

Mr. Clemens is going to Bermuda to continue the stay which certain social and business obligations cut short. Mr. Rogers is going away for a rest and recreation. The former wore a light suit of gray and looked like a fashion plate. Mr. Rogers was sombre in black.

Mr. Rogers smilingly declared that there was no truth in Mr. Clemens's story that he was going to Bermuda to keep the financier straight. He added that his own reason for making the trip was because of Mr. Clemens's offer to stand treat.

"That's true," said Mark Twain, "but I'm $2 shy of the amount, and I'm going to shake him down for it when we get to sea."

At this Mr. Rogers laughed and said that Mark Twain's remark might be taken as a fair sample of his jokes, but he doubted if it was worth the $2.

Mr. Clemens said he expected to remain in Bermuda until April. When Mr. Rogers asked about the financial situation he smiled and, looking out across the river, said that the horizon was bright and he believed that the same thing could be said of the financial horizon.

On the Bermudian also sailed Mr. and Mrs. George Keegan. Mr. Keegan is assistant manager of the Interborough Rapid Transit Company. Two days ago he married Miss Mary Brennan of 2 West Seventy-fifth Street. When the bride and groom arrived at the steamer their friends fell upon them with rice and confetti. They found their stateroom appropriately decorated with signs announcing that they were "newlyweds."

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