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SAN FRANCISCO DRAMATIC CHRONICLE, December 20, 1865, [p. 4].

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This item has not been previously republished elsewhere. It is included in this collection because of its potential to be the work of Clemens and is deserving of further research and consideration. An item published on December 13 also referred to the "Podsnappian" critic.]



The high oracular Podsnappian critic of the Leader has the drollest ideas of propriety in "stating facts." "I am simply making a statement of facts," quoth he, with interesting simplicity. "Now if the editor of the CHRONICLE will only remember that I was simply making a statements of facts, he will find nothing to be shocked at." Indeed! Really, this strikes us as a most extraordinary doctrine. We had supposed that there were many facts too disgusting to be stated in print, or even to be mentioned in private. But if "K. V-V." were presiding magistrate at a court of sessions, and the publisher of some vile narrative, on trial before him were to offer to prove that the nasty story was "a statement of facts," "K. V-V." would admit the evidence; or if a scoundrel indicted for vending obscene pictures could prove that they were not fancy pictures, but photographs from the life, the judge would direct the jury to bring in a verdict of Not Guilty.


[transcribed from microfilm]

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