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SAN FRANCISCO DRAMATIC CHRONICLE, December 26, 1865, [p. 4].

[EDITOR'S NOTE: These items have not been previously republished elsewhere. They are included in this collection because of their potential to be the work of Clemens and are deserving of further research and consideration.]



We notice that the little Call after Puck's jokes have traveled to the East and been stolen by Eastern papers, which publish them without credit, follows their example, and enlivens its last page with these pickings and stealings from a neighbor. Perhaps the Call wishes these good things to receive "the endorsement of the Eastern press" before it can decide whether or no they are worthy of republication. Very small, Call! We regret to see that the generally respectable Bulletin has followed in the same track, and the other day published one of Puck's bogus "sayings of great men" as genuine. The Sacramento Bee deliberately effaces marks of credit when they appear in the body of Puck's articles, and publishes them thus defaced. This is a lamentably small business for papers having any pretentions to respectability to follow.



The Marysville Appeal, alluding to the Flag's attempts to revive the old straight-out Republican party, says: "There is but one Union paper in the State that has proposed the reorganization of the Republican party -- and we think that paper must be laboring under the influence of evil spirits." Does this fling conceal any allusion to tangle-leg and to the Tripple-Thunderer's jug.


[transcribed from microfilm]

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