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(Chicago) THE SUNDAY INTER OCEAN, May 19, 1895

While in Paris He Did Not Meet Paul Bourget.

New York, May 18. - Special Telegram. - Samuel L. Clemens, Mark Twain, was a passenger on the New York, which arrived at the American line pier this morning. He came over with his family and will remain in this city only twenty-four hours before starting for his home in Hartford. Mr. Clemens was found among a mass of trunks, boxes, and baskets trying to identify his property.

"This wasn't much of a trip," he said. I have not done any work. I simply went over because my family wanted to come home, and I've brought 'em."

"Did you meet Paul Bourget in Paris?" was asked.

"I did not," he replied, with a twinkle in his eye. "He was there, I believe, but we did not meet. We had nothing to say to each other, anyway. When I criticised his 'Outre Mer' I did so in print. The only way he could reply was with his pen. It would have been very unwise to have done that, so he hasn't replied at all."

"Is it true that you are the author of the personal reminiscences of Joan of Arc?" was asked. Mr. Clemens straightened up and cast a sharp glance at his questioner, and then fixed his eyes on space.

"I should have to carefully consider that question," he replied. "I always make it a point to claim everything that is without an owner, whether it is tangible property or the mere subtle product of the mind. But I can't answer that. It wouldn't be fair."

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