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stannard grave

Gravestone marker of General George Jerrison Stannard located in Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, Vermont. Cast in 1891. A standing portrait of General Stannard holding his hat and sword.

Photo credit: Cheryl W. Cross, 2000; courtesy of David Cross and Adam Hadlock.

Listed in the Smithsonian's inventory of American sculpture.


Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument located in Utica, New York. Cast in 1891. One of the most controversial of Gerhardt's works. Hartford architect George Keller claimed in his memoirs that Gerhardt took Keller's design and submitted it to the Utica committee. Keller's memoirs leave the impression he was never properly paid nor credited for the design. Keller's memoirs regarding the controversy were published in George Keller, Architect by David Ransom (1978). The Utica monument features a bronze female figure representing Utica. The base features two female figures representing Peace and Victory. Two bronze male figures represent the Navy and Army.

Photo courtesy of Bob Quist, Assistant Director, Utica Public Library.

Listed in the Smithsonian's inventory of American sculpture.

Death Mask for
Harriet Rice Coe of
Meriden, Connecticut who
died Oct. 26, 1891.
Location unknown. Photo not available.

Mentioned in a letter from Karl Gerhardt to Andrew J. Coe dated December 21, 1891.

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